Marketing Society Announces New Gender Equality Program


The Marketing Society announced its first program of its kind in the region, Gender Equality Acceleration, during an interactive event held at the Tiktok trade show in Dubai. The event brought together over 75 senior marketers and their teams. The Marketing Society is a global community that strives for more diverse and inclusive leadership to shape, support and lead the region’s top marketers.

The program aims to break down barriers by accelerating gender equality at middle and senior management levels in the marketing and communications industry across the UAE. In line with today’s business (and social) landscape, the program aims to bridge the gap between men and women, emphasizing the importance of including and encouraging men in the conversation, and working together to raise awareness. , visibility and opportunities for women. in industry.

The aim is to better equip women to take on leadership roles within brands, agencies and media owners in the UAE and the wider region. One of the main aims of the project is to put words and ideas into action and break the cycle of just talking about gender equality without any execution. This will be achieved through trainings, events, mentoring, policy changes and many other decisive actions to bring about real change and support its aspiring women leaders, including:

  • Work closely with different conference producers and event organizers to help them have equal panels – creating an accessible speaker directory that spotlights women in the industry. The goal is to achieve a 50/50 split on marketing and communications industry panels by 2023.
  • Organize and lead training and masterclasses identified with more than 50 women by December 2022
  • Sharing best practices to inspire and empower businesses of all sizes to echo the initiative.

Founder of Leanne Foy & Co. and Project Director, Leanne Foy says, “The initiative aims to bring together the men and women of the industry and empower women to break down the internal and external boundaries that stand in their way. The mission is to RISING women by LIbind them together, Fencourage industry action, and Jrain them down to keep honing their skills.

Abby Lyons, co-founder and managing partner of house of comms, says, “There are many external barriers that stand in the way of women’s leadership, some more difficult to influence than others. But perhaps the biggest and most crucial obstacle to overcome first, which is often overlooked, is the one we impose on ourselves. Often letting lack of confidence and self-doubt lead us to feel like imposters.

Abby continues, “This initiative not only educates men and women on how to find their voice to ensure equal opportunity at senior levels in all organizations, but, more importantly, provides a critical support network to strengthen the self-confidence of many women. , empowering them to truly believe they deserve recognition in a leadership role. It all starts inside.

Mohammed Ismaeel Hameedaldin, Partner at Toughlove advisors & chair, The Marketing Society Dubai, said: “Marketers are changemakers within businesses – who can make an impact and make a difference. We are excited to launch this initiative for the industry to inspire people to make change and help accelerate gender equality in the UAE and the region. The time for talk is over, this is about action and we look forward to supporting this through our planned activities and engaging the wider industry to accelerate change.

Experienced marketers were welcomed at the launch event and discussed what lies ahead for this landmark initiative and The Marketing Society’s goal to develop and include exceptional talent to drive the conversation forward on marketing. equality in the region. The Marketing Society encourages all businesses, big or small, to get involved and come together to take action within the industry. The Company is looking for other partners to help support this initiative, working with founding partner TikTok who helped make this possible.



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