Maryland Governor Endorses Thiru Vignarajah’s Campaign for Baltimore City State’s Attorney – CBS Baltimore


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thiru Vignarajah seeks to dethrone Marilyn Mosby as Baltimore State’s Attorney.

The former Maryland deputy attorney general previously headed the major investigative unit of the Baltimore state attorney’s office.

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Vignarajah unveiled a radio ad on Tuesday touting the endorsement of Gov. Larry Hogan, who said Baltimore needed “a crime fighter focused on protecting victims, a real state attorney, a proven prosecutor “. Hogan said he “trusts (Vignarajah) to do what’s right for us.”

The two marched side by side in a 4th of July parade on Monday.

“These bullets have no party affiliation,” Vignarajah said of Governor Hogan’s endorsement. “The headstones of those killed in Baltimore, they don’t bear the marks of race or color or party.”

Hogan has 61% support from statewide Democrats, according to a March 2022 Goucher pollbut lost by considerable margins in 2014 and 2018 among Baltimore City voters.

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Vignarajah also campaigned for mayor in 2020. He said his goal was to keep the annual number of murders below 200.

“In 2011, 2012, we murdered less than 200 people. It didn’t require mass incarceration or zero tolerance. It required smart strategies, common sense policing and prosecution strategies,” he said.

The 2022 City State’s Attorney race is a carbon copy of the 2018 field. Prominent defense attorney Ivan Bates is also challenging Ms. Mosby. In 2018, Mosby defeated both challengers.

Ms. Mosby faces federal charges of perjury and falsifying mortgage application information. His trial date has been pushed back to September 19.

“Four years ago I was a complete rookie with no name recognition and no one had even heard of it before. I have been for four years, we used our platform to build a relationship,” Vignarajah said. .

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Maryland’s primary election day is July 19. A week of in-person early voting begins Thursday, July 7. Postal voting has already begun.


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