Meta and Zindagi Trust team up to launch child safety campaign in Pakistan

Meta, in collaboration with Zindagi Trust, is launching an extensive awareness raising and stakeholder engagement campaign. – Press release
  • Series of political roundtables to be organized with local CSOs, political actors.
  • Awareness program on the harms of sharing such content.
  • Campaign uses informative videos to educate users about reporting inappropriate content through the appropriate channels.

KARACHI: Meta, in collaboration with Zindagi Trust, is launching an extensive awareness and stakeholder engagement campaign to prevent the spread of harmful content related to child safety in the online space.

As part of the campaign, partner institutions will also raise awareness of actions that individual social media users can take to curb the spread of content depicting abuse or violence against children in cyberspace.

A series of policy roundtables will be organized with local civil society organizations (CSOs) and policy actors working in the areas of digital security and children’s rights.

These roundtables are expected to provide a platform for engagement among local organizations to give recommendations to Meta as well as key government agencies including the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR), the National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NCRC) and other important industry stakeholders to address sensitive issues relating to child safety in Pakistan.

The program will raise awareness of the harms of sharing such content and the importance of reporting through existing mechanisms and methods for reporting malicious content on social media.

The campaign uses informative videos to educate social media users on reporting inappropriate content through the appropriate channels instead of sharing it on social media, which can cause further harm to young victims.

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Zindagi Trust Founder and Chairman, Shehzad Roy said, “Whenever I come across disturbing content, my first instinct was to share it so it could help find the author. However, I have come to realize that the content may be distressing to many viewers, is illegal and is a violation of victims’ privacy. We want to push for justice for victims and advocate for safer digital spaces in the world. instead of sensationalising traumatic events.

Roy said Zindagi Trust is proud to be a strong advocate for change at the policy level for child safety and education and counts on the support of government institutions and social media companies like Meta to help. to achieve their goals.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for content related to child exploitation and abuse. As this is a very sensitive subject, we take a comprehensive approach to protect our family of apps from such content. malware and continue to engage with local authorities, advocacy organizations and relevant stakeholders,” said Sarim Aziz, Director of Public Policy, South Asia Meta.

Meta and Zindagi Trust launched their collaborative child safety online effort last year. This year, the scope of the arrangement is broadened to extend its impact nationwide.


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