Mleiha Sports Club launches campaign against bullying

Sharjah 24: Mleiha Sports Club offered players an awareness campaign on the different phenomena of harassment within the framework of objectives aimed at consolidating and promoting correct behaviors and values.
The awareness campaign was included in a conference held last night in cooperation with the Sharjah Police General Command as part of the ‘Playgrounds Do Not Bully’ programme.

Fifty players attended the conference, which was held at the club’s headquarters, along with training and administration staff from the U-14 and 16-year-old football team, as part of the awareness-raising conferences aimed at fight against negative phenomena and behaviors harmful to children.

The conference was implemented within the framework of the objectives of the Culture and Community Services Committee and the vision drawn by the committee headed by Abdullah Baajid Al Ketbi, with the aim of achieving positive goals in the hearts of the players.

The lecture was presented by First Assistant Yasser Muhammad Alai of the Sharjah Police General Command and focused on educating players on the concepts and dangers of bullying, especially in stadiums and gymnasiums . The conference also made them aware of the dangers of such behavior and its negative impact on the player, the individual, the family and the community, as well as the importance of following safe procedures in sportsmanship. .

First Assistant Yasser Muhammad Alai addressed a number of conference topics including the definition of bullying, types of bullying, tackling bullying in stadiums, legislation, laws and morals that combat bullying.

At the end of the lecture, First Assistant Yasser Muhammad Alai addressed an important topic entitled “Our playgrounds as we want them to be”.


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