MP backs new road safety campaign


Central Devon MP Mel Stride has backed a major new road safety campaign which aims to better protect pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

Last week, the government launched its new ‘Travel as you know them’ scheme to promote new changes to traffic laws and encourage drivers to steer clear of pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians as if they were friends or of the family.

MP Mel Stride said: “Safer roads will encourage more people to cycle and travel on foot, which is both good for our health and vital if we are to achieve our goal of net zero carbon emissions. by 2050. I hope the ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign encourages more people to ask themselves if they would give a cyclist or rider a little more space or consideration if their child, grandchild or friend was the person they passed.

The campaign is the latest THINK! initiative launched in February to promote changes to the rules of the road, which included clarification of the positioning of bicycles, an emphasis on priority at junctions for pedestrians and cyclists, and advice on passing distances and speeds safety when overtaking.

Mary Williams OBE, chief executive of road safety charity Brake, said: “On behalf of road casualties and all those who use the roads, Brake is a passionate supporter of the government’s THINK! campaign, and its focus on driver behavior and the protection of those most at risk, especially those on bikes and on foot. The new hierarchy of road users in the Highway Code is an essential step forward that everyone can help to promote, especially among motorists, to prevent tragedies on the roads.

It is hoped that improvements in road safety measures will reduce the number of road accidents, thereby reducing injuries and fatalities.


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