MP to push ahead with Sadguru Soil Save Campaign


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said Sadguru Shri Yogi Vasudev Jaggi had shown the world the power of Indian soil. He gave the message of saving the soil to the world through various countries including Europe, Central Asia, the Northeast. He said the whole world is one family. Sadguru showed a wonderful blend of materialism and spirituality. For the welfare of the world, Sadguru is engaged in a campaign to save the soil. Our body is made up of five elements, one of which is soil.

Chouhan was addressing the ‘Mitti Bachao Jan-Jagran’ program hosted by Sadguru Yogi Vasudev Jaggi at Motilal Nehru Stadium here today. Sadguru Vasudev reached Bhopal on his cycle journey via Sagar, Vidisha and Raisen from the state.

The Chief Minister welcomed Sadguru by presenting a Peepal sapling, an idol of Rani Kamlapati and a shawl-shriphal.

Chouhan added that the fertility of the land is decreasing. Madhya Pradesh will move forward step by step with the cooperation of the people of the Sadguru Soil Saver Campaign. He said that I plant saplings myself every day, which social organizations also cooperate with. Narmada Seva Yatra was taken following the path indicated by Sadguru. We did the work of planting saplings around the Narmada River. A large tree is home to thousands of animals. All living beings have a right to this earth. Our goal is to strengthen the ecosystem by maintaining the natural balance.

Chouhan said MP was earning five thousand Amrit Sarovars from Jalabhishek’s campaign. Planting trees will prevent soil erosion. The Jalabhishek campaign will raise the level of the water table. In the energy literacy campaign, we promote solar energy. Prioritize organic farming and natural farming. Organic farming is practiced in an area of ​​7 lakh 50,000 hectares in the state. We decided to hold an environmental summit. Sadguru does a wonderful job of showing the way to the world. He pledged to follow the path indicated by Sadguru and save the ground.

Chouhan briefed on the efforts being made to save the soil and raise awareness through the planting. He said the main objective of the Save Soil campaign is to make all countries understand that organic matter must be maintained in the required amount on agricultural land. A month-long tree planting campaign will be conducted from Hariyali Amavasya. We will only rest after making MP green and lush.

Sadguru Yogi Vasudev Jaggi said it was day 79 of the 100 day journey. He said that in view of global warming, environmental protection is necessary. The fertile power of the soil gradually decreases due to the use of chemical fertilizers. Efforts should be made to maintain soil fertility in order to save living things, plants and trees. He said that biodiversity is very important in the ecosystem.

He said that due to the decline in soil fertility, food production on the land will be less, which will increase the problem of food shortage. Therefore, we all need to argue for the availability of sufficient organic matter in the soil. Soil is very important for all living things. Commit to doing everything for soil conservation.

He appreciated the efforts being made in Madhya Pradesh to save the soil and protect the environment.

He presented the policy document booklet to Chief Minister Chouhan. Expressing his gratitude, Chouhan said the policy document will be studied and implemented with utmost seriousness. Premier Chouhan assured him that he would be followed.


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