The Oztent Group, along with its retail partner Anaconda, works with Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to help defend our most endangered wildlife and natural habitats.

Until Friday, July 15, 2022, the oztent Group, Anaconda and Wildlife Warriors will focus on conservation, supporting the Australian Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors backyard camp.

This is the sixth year that oztent worked with Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors on the Backyard Campout, but the first they brought a retail partner into the mix.

The Backyard Campout extends far beyond Australian backyards. Considered the largest camping campaign in the world, it is designed to encourage people around the world to raise money and awareness for conservation by being sponsored to camp. Entrants can win a range of prizes from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and the oztent Group.

As this model continues, in Australia several additional innovative activities have been developed to enhance the campaign, increase awareness and raise additional funds.

With any purchase of oztent products in Anaconda stores during the period, the oztent Group and Anaconda will donate 5% of the cost of merchandise sold directly to the Wildlife Warrior’s Foundation.

All oztent some products [include OZTENT, FOXWING and MALAMOO branded products] in Anaconda stores will contain information on how to participate in Backyard Campout, including a QR code and a link to the Wildlife Warriors website.

The entire Anaconda team will be able to provide more information to customers and help them get involved in the campaign before they go camping. This means customers can maximize awareness and funds for conservation and turn their trip into an even more worthwhile adventure.

Additionally, throughout the period, Wildlife Warriors, Oztent, and Anaconda will host activities and events across various channels and at select stores.

“Because of our shared view of the importance of conservation, we have become good friends with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors team and strong supporters of the Backyard Campout”explains Luke Eather CEO of The oztent Group.

Being able to invite one of our partners, on the business side of the business, to this campaign means that together we can do even more to encourage campers to be part of a global movement to save wildlife and wild places. and join the 2022 Wildlife Warriors Backyard Camper.”

Robert Irwin explains the importance of this campaign and its significance for conservation.



About oztent Group:

The Oztent Group was founded over 30 years ago by Australian inventor Joe Viglione who got so frustrated putting up a conventional tent that he invented one that took just 30 seconds to put up. Affectionately referred to as the “wedding saver” by Joe, the rest of Australia knows it as the OZTENT RV range.

the oztent Group remains an Australian owned and operated company, offering Australian and international adventurers a range of premium outdoor camping products, designed to create awesome camping experiences.

the oztent The group has global operations through its base in the United States, with a network of long-standing and knowledgeable distributors serving customers in several regions of the world.

the oztent Group holds numerous patents and accolades for the innovation and designs they have brought to market over the years.

The brands owned by the oztent The group includes OZTENT, FOXWING and MALAMOO.


Wildlife Warriors was established in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin to include and involve other caring people in the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife – from the individual animal to an entire species.

Today, with eleven global conservation projects and three sprawling conservation properties, Wildlife Warriors continues to protect our precious wildlife life and pursue Steve’s dream of saving one, saving the species.

Wildlife Warriors’ flagship project, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, is one of the largest and busiest of its kind in the world, having treated more than 110,000 animals since it opened in 2004.

To find out more about Wildlife Warriors, visit


Anaconda was founded in November 2004 by an Australian family of retailers. The founders of Anaconda feared that Australia’s outdoor and adventure culture was on the decline, with many people seeking their recreation and entertainment indoors. This family, who love the outdoors themselves, realized that Australia really didn’t have a one-stop-shop for outdoor and adventure gear. This is how the vision for Anaconda – Australia’s largest camping and adventure supermarket – was born.

Anaconda isn’t just a retail store, it’s an experience. We have the largest range of outdoor products in Australia and source the best equipment locally and internationally. Our gear is offered in an environment where visitors can take part in great activities and get the best local tips for their adventures.

Additionally, we believe that by striving to inspire, equip and empower, we will help people enjoy the benefits of outdoor recreation, encouraging happier lifestyles and connection with great ones. spaces.


OZTENT RV is the original patented 30 second tent. Using its 30-second fast frame, unique internal frame and hinge mechanism, OZTENT tents eliminate the need and time to thread poles to hold the tent in place. As well as an innovative design, OZTENT tents also use robust materials that are internationally certified to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

The design profile of the OZTENT RV is so iconic that it is the only tent in the world protected by a registered shape mark.


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