NBK Steps Up Support for ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Campaign with Innovative New Methods

  • Al-Rushaid: NBK always takes the initiative to provide all kinds of support to Central Bank of Kuwait’s campaigns to raise financial awareness

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has stepped up its support for the “Let’s Be Aware” banking awareness campaign by releasing educational materials and awareness content across multiple channels to help deliver the campaign’s message to a larger segment. wide of society, including cinemas, radio broadcasts, telebanking service, and bank cards.

NBK continues to support the campaign by using new methods, including video clips played on cinema screens, to educate the public about the risks of fraud and the schemes of fraudsters to persuade customers to share their confidential or “OTP” information. “.

NBK also broadcast awareness radio clips on the radio station “360 FM”, as well as other awareness clips on the bank’s telebanking service during customer waiting periods.

Additionally, during this month, NBK KWT Visa Infinite cardholders will be able to scan the QR code to access campaign content on the NBK website.

On this occasion, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Rushaid, AGM – Communications and Social Media at the National Bank of Kuwait, said: “The NBK is always exploring innovative ways to promote financial literacy among different segments of society and raise awareness. customers about their rights and the precautions to take to protect their bank accounts and information.

“NBK seeks to reach the broadest segments of the public to ensure wider reach of the campaign message and public interaction with it. To this end, the bank has leveraged its enormous customer communication capabilities, including all of its digital channels, which are the most popular among all Kuwaiti banks,” he explained.

Al-Rushaid pointed out that as one of the leading financial institutions in the region, the NBK is committed to its CSR commitments and always takes the initiative to provide all kinds of support to key campaigns and strategies such as “Let’s be aware”. countryside, which serve the interests of the national economy and society.

“Let’s Be Aware” is a banking awareness campaign that was launched as an initiative of the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) and Kuwaiti banks, and is considered the most important throughout the GCC region. The campaign aims to educate bank customers about banking and finance and covers many very important awareness topics, including tips to avoid the risk of fraud, awareness of the risks of loan sharking schemes and high-risk investments. risk, as well as showing the best ways to enjoy banking services, and promoting the culture of savings and investment, and other related topics.

It is worth mentioning that the NBK is a supporter and a key partner in all the campaigns and initiatives of the Central Bank of Kuwait aimed at increasing financial and banking awareness among different segments of society. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait and throughout the region, NBK frequently conducts various awareness-raising activities on all banking-related topics, as well as various trainings for its employees to enrich their experience in the fields the fight against fraud and financial crime.



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