Peugeot Middle East presents the power of allure in a brand campaign


Peugeot Middle East today launched its new Power of Allure campaign featuring four of the region’s hottest cultural trendsetters. Developed with Dubai-based independent creative advertising agency Science & Sunshine, the campaign includes a brand manifesto video now playing in digital and cinema in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Four additional films with standalone segments dedicated to each of the culture shapers – Saud AlTurki, Chndy, Ajwa Al Joudi and Raha Moharrak, all paired with an alluring Peugeot vehicle – will be released over the next four weeks.

The film continues the Peugeot brand’s return to the region, strengthening and accelerating the expansion of its network and enhancing its customer experience while showcasing its current range and design sensibilities across the 3008, 508, 208 and e-2008. Mckinsey’s automotive customer experience research suggests that millennials will make up more than 45% of the potential cohort of car buyers in 2025, forming the largest demographic group of new car buyers. This campaign embodies Peugeot’s understanding of the region’s first generation of integrated mobility customers, becoming aware of and adapting to their preferences.

The campaign video invites the public to ‘Be a Lion’ and draws comparisons between Peugeot and the four ambassadors: ‘Top of the food chain’ in their respective fields, showing their ‘unbridled power’ and ‘effortless confidence’ . Each personality is invited to deepen their understanding of the “allure”, the new global positioning of the Peugeot brand.

Commenting on the launch of the Power of Allure campaign, Rakesh Nair, Managing Director, European Brands of Stellantis Group, said: “For the launch of our brand manifesto, we wanted to make a local film, featuring local talent, to a local audience – creating authentic emotions and connections with the region’s youth. It was important for Peugeot to demonstrate allure, emotion and excellence by partnering with people who not only embody these intrinsic qualities of our vehicles, but are also culturally relevant. With this campaign, we have been able to highlight these essential elements of Peugeot’s DNA – sharp design, instinctive driving pleasure and uncompromising quality – in a compelling narrative that allows us to present these remarkable European vehicles in a way that resonates with the region.

Driving the award-winning 3008 SUV, one of Peugeot’s bestsellers, whose millionth model will roll off the production line in November 2021, music producer and artist Saud AlTurki has a following from across the region. Like 3008, Saud exudes strength, confidence and charm, with his own successful Los Angeles-born label, Brij Entertainment, helping to showcase his talents.

Energetic filmmaker, director and photographer Chndy takes to the streets in the 508 saloon. The 508 and Chndy are unique, unconventional and always ready for adventure. Just as that creative guru might find himself touring one day, DJing the next, the 508 has many guises, perfect as an executive or family car, and even available as a PSE performance model and station wagon.

The 208 city car is known for its sporty silhouette and clean lines, and as Ajwa Al Joudi, the sharp and intuitive Saudi journalist and host of MBC 1, who pursues her dreams and steps out of her comfort zone to inspire other young women. Arabic, has its own distinctive style. But just like Ajwa, the 208 is capable, a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to challenge convention and an inspiration to others. Just as this stylish journalist is driven and always driving her success, the 208 always makes sure the journey to any destination is fun, daring and exciting.

Then Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to climb Everest, drives the e-2008 compact electric SUV. Raha is known for her determination, as well as her sense of adventure, and as the e-2008, with its impressive performance and range, has proven its capabilities. With Raha’s love for nature and the outdoors, and the e-2008 offering zero tailpipe emissions, the two make a perfect match.

Ash Chagla – Creative Director at Science & Sunshine said: “Working on this campaign, it was essential for us to demonstrate the look, feel and distinction of the PEUGEOT brand and its fleet of vehicles. Each of these vehicles embodies unique individualities that have been further amplified by the carefully selected ambassadors, as well as the engaging narrative that has been curated for each talent and vehicle to highlight their similarities and demonstrate the power of Allure.”

The campaign was produced by Stoked Films, executive producer Rita El Hachem, directed by Alvaro Stoker, DOP; Santiago Cantillo, and edited by David Zavadescu (Cold Cutz).


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