Plug Zen launches the Get Charged Up campaign to promote climate change at the community level


DETROIT – Plug Zen, a black-owned Detroit startup focused on providing an adaptive and cost-effective EV charging solution to mitigate climate change, today announced the launch of its innovative “Get Charged Up”.

This multi-phase campaign begins with a crowdfunding goal of $250,000 and opportunities for early supporters to earn top-up credits and participate in potential revenue streams. Future phases include creating an online Plug Zen community and adding corporate, development company and municipal partners.

“There are people everywhere who want to do more about global warming, who want to contribute and don’t know how,” said “Q” Kwabena Johnson, founder and CEO of Plug Zen. “Get Charged Up gives everyday people real options to support electric car adoption at the community level and help build the EV infrastructure we need to advance global climate change goals.”

The “Get Charged Up” campaign has three avenues for consumers, climate change activists and grassroots change agents to get involved, like…

  • Investors, through WEFUNDER, can contribute to the company’s efforts to bring its unique multi-charging platform to cities, large enterprises and property managers across the United States. Investors earn top-up credits for every dollar invested.
  • Early adopters can purchase Plug Zen charging credits from Indiegogo for their community charging stations. Plug Zen encourages early adopters to connect the business with local owners and large corporations.
  • Brand Ambassadors have the ability to purchase custom NFTs, which Plug Zen will hit with a buyer-selected zip code. This innovative medium offers a 15% commission to the NFT holder on all charges in the postal code identified by the buyer. Contact Q Johnson at [email protected] for more information on NFTs.

“Q Johnson has deep automotive experience that he combines with a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” said Sylvester Hester, president and CEO of LM Manufacturing LLC and advisor to Plug Zen. “The Get Charged Up campaign is an exciting new way to give back to anyone who wants to be part of the solution to global warming while raising awareness in the community about what Plug Zen offers.”

Additionally, the “Get Charged Up” campaign will provide a variety of assets to help educate people about the benefits of EVs and the resources available to adopt this increasingly popular technology. Johnson expects major auto and utility companies, as well as municipalities, business development companies and large landowners to join the initiative and contribute educational materials.


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