Readers respond to Vadim Mozyrsky’s centrist campaign for Portland City Council


Last week, WW took a close look at Vadim Mozyrsky, a candidate for Portland City Council who hopes to unseat Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty (“Detail Work”, April 20). He campaigned on a commitment to bring order to a city that had become synonymous with disorder. Mozyrsky, a Ukrainian immigrant and Social Security Administration judge, is a character whose grip on his emotions contrasts with the heart character on Hardesty’s sleeve. Yet opinions on the quality of Mozyrsky’s collaboration tend to follow ideological lines: those who agree with him say it is a pleasure to work with him, while those who disagree with him accused him of intimidation. Here’s what our readers had to say.

OregonJive, via “If this guy restarts half of the basic common sense stuff that was just standard operating procedure for any American city, he’ll become mayor of Portland. Then we name the city after him: Vadimland.

A9, via Twitter: “Portland: where you can be accused of anti-black racism and denied a ton of disability claims, but @wweek and voters will love you because you don’t have a dusty house.”

Joshua Marquis, via “This editorial disguised as a news article attempts to portray immigrant Vadim as a ruthless automaton, unlike the amiable personality of Jo Ann Hardesty. The anonymous lawyers who complain that it is not doling out more of Social Security’s finite billion-dollar resource are hardly the most reliable or objective observers.

Envy of Evan, via “‘I’m fighting for what I think is a voice that’s not heard or represented in these hallways,’ says the guy who thinks we need to be tough on homeless people and be nicer to the police.”

Rudiger, via “Jo Ann’s biggest problem was not anticipating these issues and communicating these downsides to her constituents.

“Fund the police? OK, but you have to prepare people for it to be a transition.

“Focusing on long-term housing solutions? Ok, but how many homeless people are there? How often are we moving people to long-term housing? Are people ready to wait?

“Communication, friends. It’s a beautiful thing.

Inevitable_Raccoon85, via Reddit: “Vadim looks like a serious guy who has been involved in the community and will take his responsibility to the public seriously, and understands that the status quo is not working and we need change. It’s also clear that he won’t just accept woke kumbaya bullshit just to appease outspoken voices that don’t represent Portland’s silent majority. In other words, he has a backbone. He looks like a good, solid middle ground between Hardesty and Gonzalez, who seems a bit scary and right-wing. He has my vote.

Sometimes PDX, via Twitter: “If only he had glasses to match Wheeler, Ryan and Adams.”

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