Robredo did not spend more than Comelec’s authorized budget during the campaign period


The former vice president spent 388,347,278.99 pesos, which was well below the 674 million peso cap for the 2022 elections set by Comelec.

To claim: Former Vice President Leni Robredo’s campaign expenses in her Statement of Contributions and Expenses were huge and went beyond what was authorized by the Electoral Commission (Comelec). Robredo’s SOCE has not been made available to the public.

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The bottom line: According to Robredo’s SOCE, the former vice president spent 388,347,278.99 pesos for the 2022 elections. This is 285.7 million pesos less than the ceiling of 674 million pesos. Position by Comelec for presidential and vice-presidential candidates running independently.

Comelec basis for the 674 million pula ceiling: According Comelec Resolution No. 10730each presidential and vice-presidential candidate running independently can spend 10 pesos per registered voter.

There were 67.4 million registered voters in 2022 multiplied by P10, which is the total amount they can spend on each voter in an election. The cap for the 2022 elections that presidential and vice-presidential candidates running independently could use was 674 million pesos.

What is reported in the SOCEs only covers expenses during the official campaign period, which in 2022 began on February 8, as candidates for elective office were not yet considered “candidates” before that date. As a result, candidates can theoretically exceed the spending limit until the start of the campaign period. – Owenh Jake Toledo/

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