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Economy Minister Guy Parmelin and Energy Minister Simonetta Somaruga are currently doing everything they can to strengthen energy security.

Ruedi Studer, Daniel Ballmer and Pascal Tischhauser

Do the lights go out in the winter? Should we also freeze in our apartment? For weeks, the Federal Council has been preparing the population for an impending energy shortage and calling for savings. Objective: Stop the hitch!

With a campaign he now wants to encourage people to save. With wasps! It is an abbreviation for “Winter Energy Saving Initiative”, as the project is called internally. SP Energy Minister Simonetta Somaruga (62) wants to present the campaign on Wednesday.

Slogan: “Energy is scarce. Let’s not waste them. Cost point: 10 million francs are planned in the Swiss energy budget by the end of the year, according to a Blick study. 20 million for works and 8 million for advertisements, posters, etc. Saving money There is also a website with tips (, and telephone assistance projects.

Savings tips for everyday life

On September 1, the first campaign wave will officially begin. Above all, people will be made aware of the already known ways to save money on a daily basis: turning off the heating, turning off the lights, taking a shower instead of a bath, turning off sleep devices and turning off the refrigerator. But also includes tips for business or administration.

The campaign includes businesses, the public sector and around 50 unions. Various delegates will be accompanied by Somaruga at Wednesday’s press conference – such as Monica Ruhl (59), director of EconomySuisse, Stefan Brupbacher (54), director of Swissmem, director of the Association of Swiss Business electricity (VSE), Michael Frank (59) and Wallace Government Council Roberto Schmidt (60) as chairman of the cantonal energy directors. It aims to be present with a single theme for all and to provide savings advice to women and men at all levels.

Parmaline wants to save gas

On the other hand, the Minister of the Economy of the UDC Guy Parmelin (62 years) should present Wednesday his proposals in the event of shortage of gas. It is expected that it will submit for consultation a draft regulation on sanctions and restrictions as well as on quotas. Discussions are likely to take place in various forms.

Learn about the impending energy crisis

However, the rules will only apply in an emergency. Counseling is a kind of preventative measure so that everyone involved knows what to do. For example, when combined cycle power plants need to switch from gas to oil. Also, what the timeline looks like when there are quotas – and if there are exceptions for certain sectors, such as pharmaceuticals or individual industry sectors.

Is the heating on?

In terms of restrictions and limitations, there may be specifications for swimming pools or wellness facilities if they are to be gas heated. Or a ban on outdoor heaters. Ideas for the private sector are also being explored. Somaruga indicated last week that private swimming pools, for example, can no longer be heated.

And it seemed to Parmelin that, if necessary, a low-ambient arrangement would also be an option for him. More precise guidelines would be possible, at least for the administrations, where the federal government can act alone. Because the measures taken in the private sector, which are not really controllable, have already been criticized.

Economy Minister Parmelin stressed last week that solidarity is needed again from all of us. And he took the oath of “self-discipline and frugality” to the country. “The Federal Council is doing everything to ensure that our country is in good shape next winter,” said Energy Minister Somaruga. Similar slogans of perseverance will be heard again on Wednesday.


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