Smart Motorways: South Yorkshire Motorcycle Action Group backs Claire Mercer’s campaign to restore hard shoulder


The South Yorkshire Motorcycle Action Group has pledged to support Claire Mercer and the Smart Motorways Kill campaign after Ms Mercer, from Rotherham, attended their January meeting to discuss the issue with them.

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Smart Motorways: Stop them now or more people will die, says South Yorkshire…

Ms Mercer’s husband Jason died on a stretch of ‘smart highway’ near Sheffield in 2019, and she blames the system for his death. At the inquest into his death, Coroner David Urpeth said smart highways without hard shoulders carry “an ongoing risk of future deaths”.

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Motorcyclists in South Yorkshire have backed the campaign to restore the hard shoulder to Britain’s motorways after meeting campaigner Claire Mercer

Smart highways have traffic in all lanes and use gantry signs to close a lane if a car breaks down.

South Yorkshire Motorcycle Action Group spokesperson Stuart Hatfield said: ‘We came away with a great idea of ​​his efforts and the aims of the campaign and believe more than ever that our support and that of other organizations and groups is a step in the right direction.

“While the percentage of incidents involving motorcycles is low at the moment, we believe this is a far bigger issue than any motoring interest group and one that affects us all as people. road users Over 90% of MAG members drive cars, vans and many of our members are also truck drivers.

“M1 around South Yorkshire a hotspot for incidents”

“The M1 around South Yorkshire has been a particular hotspot for incidents from the start and I have personally seen vehicles stuck on the live motorway unable to take shelter between junctions 33 and 32.

“It is frustrating when the Minister for Transport, Mr Grant Shapps, cites statistics knowing that behind each of them is a human tragedy that should never have happened and which nevertheless continued the motorway program intelligent.”

He said he welcomed the government’s announcement that the rollout of new smart highways will be put on hold for the next five years of research to assess their safety, but believes they have failed by not restoring the hard shoulder.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said of the rollout of smart highways earlier this month: “Pausing projects that have not yet started construction and making multi-million pound upgrades to existing projects will give confidence to drivers and provide the data we need to inform our next steps. ”


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