Stay Clear: Red Rooster Targets New Drivers with PLAte Up Campaign


Young drivers were terrifying enough, battling phone addictions threatening to focus at every turn. Now, Red Rooster will now add hands full of hot chips to the tough equation with their new campaign.

The campaign, named Plate, attracts drivers who recently acquired their P and L at the Red Rooster drive-thru for a free piece of chicken. Newly motorized people will need to join the Red Rooster Loyalty Program. The free chicken can be claimed by entering the code “PPLATE”. Red Rooster also sees patient parents or instructors in the passenger seat. By signing up and using the code ‘LPLATE’, brave learner passengers will get a deal on a Big Red’s Feast.


The campaign, which is in partnership with NRMA, was created via whiteGREY. It’s about “reclaiming an Australian rite of passage by diverting young Australian drivers to the Red Rooster drive-thru with the lure of free fried chicken for an entire year”.

Once an Aussie gets a P plate, one of their first stops is obviously a drive-thru. It’s a tradition that warms my American heart. Red Rooster just wants to make sure it’s Red Rooster’s drive-thru.

“We wanted to take advantage of that important time in a young person’s life – we wanted to be there when they got their driver’s license and spread their wings,” says Ashley Hughes, director of marketing at Red Rooster.

“With the support of whiteGREY, we’ve created a campaign that recognizes the trials, tribulations and excitement that comes with getting your Ps. What better way to celebrate than with the best fried chicken in the country? At Red Rooster sure !

However, Chad Mackenzie, CCO at whiteGREY (and the villain of this story) warns enterprising American brands to encroach on this tradition. “It seemed such a shame to see a moment of one of Australia’s greatest rites of passage fall into the hands of major American chains,” says Mackenzie. “This campaign puts our beloved Red Rooster at the heart of this iconic stage. It rewards drivers and teachers for all their efforts. »

As an American, I’m offended (you’re offended). But as a patriot, I guess I can understand his desire to keep things local.

If you’re a new driver, be sure to sign up for Red Rooster’s new campaign and hit the road, Jack.


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