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IMPHAL, September 10: Scheduled Tribes Manipur Application Committee (STDCM) has claimed that the negative comment made by an individual on the popular movement for granting Scheduled Tribe (ST) tag to Meitei/Meetei during a talk show from a local TV station was rather unfortunate.
Speaking to Ima Khunthokhanbi Sanglen’s media today, Thangmeiband, STDCM General Secretary Keithellakpam Bhogendrajit said the committee has resumed its movement to include Meetei/Meitei in the ST list of the Indian Constitution in s addressed to the inhabitants of different localities on August 26th. .
He said the particular panelist, however, portrayed the STDCM movement in a bad light by making contradictory statements.
The STDCM would never have thought that the panelist who held a respectable position in the past would make such a nonsense and contradictory statement that could confuse the people.
Saying that people have the right to organize democratic protests to highlight their grievances as India is a democratic nation, Bhogen-drajit appealed to all concerned not to make contradictory statements about their movement which is only aimed at to safeguard the ethnic group which is becoming more like a minority in its own country.
The panelist even claimed that the STDCM did not submit any memorandum to Chief Minister N Biren for the inclusion of Meetei/Meitei in the ST list, but his statement was false and baseless, he added.
He clarified that the STDCM has been submitting memoranda to chief ministers since 2013 to grant ST label to Meetei/Meitei and another representation was submitted on December 30 last year before the model code was applied. of Conduct for State Assembly Elections.
Bhogendrajit also said that the STDCM also submitted a representation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Manipur through the Chief Secretary and a copy of it was also sent to the Chief Minister.
As a courtesy, the STDCM requested an appointment with the Chief Minister last April 7 also, he said and added that the committee volunteers interacted with N Biren Singh on June 9, 2022 with the help of the MP Lourembam Rameshwar Meetei.
Stating that the panelist seems to have little to no knowledge on the matter as he claimed that the non-availability of ethnographic and socio-economic survey reports hindered the process of incorporating Meetei/Meitei into the ST list, Bhogendrajit said considered that the reports should be prepared by the government.
The government’s responsibility is to prepare the report and send the recommendation to the Center, he said.
The particular panelist’s accusation of embezzlement by the STDCM was false and baseless, Bhogendrajit said.
It is true that the STDCM receives donations from the population to organize rallies or other forms of protest demonstration, while many have approached the committee and directly supported the movement, he said and added that However, there were no cases of embezzlement.
“Those who doubt our fund management can come directly to our office and see the details,” he said.
He further said that the STDCM has received many suggestions to bring the issue of Meetei/Meitei’s ST listing to the Court, but the time is not right for that.
Saying that the STDCM does not want to discuss the comments given by the panelist, Bhogendrajit said that the request of the STDCM is only to grant the ST tag to the Meetei/Meitei.


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