#StopRussiaNOW billboard in Vienna

#StopRussiaNOW billboard in Austria

#StopRussiaNOW billboard in Austria

Where is your child's stuffed animal?  #StopRussiaNow

Where is your child’s stuffed animal? #StopRussiaNow

The billboards arrived in Vienna and the digital campaign reached 62 million users within 36 hours. It encourages people to exert influence on political leaders.

We must apply pressure in the form of sanctions. It is time to impose a complete embargo on Russian energy resources.

—Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

WROCłAW, LOWER SILESIA, POLAND, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — #StopRussiaNOW billboards arrived in Paris, Hamburg and Vienna, while the digital campaign reached over 62 million users in 36 hours. The organizers encourage ordinary people to put pressure on political leaders and provide real help to Ukraine.

Toughen up penalties NOW
The crucial objective of the campaign is to show the need for tougher sanctions against Russia. Billboards and digital advertisements depict the brutal war crimes Ukrainians face every day. The organizers also stress that it is time to stop using Russian oil and to stop financing Russian aggression.

As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “We need to apply pressure in the form of sanctions. It is time to impose a complete embargo on Russian energy resources.

EU countries must act NOW
It is time to mobilize people and political leaders, to unite efforts and exchange experiences that would allow European countries to break ties with Russia.

“Germany could learn from Poland what a responsible energy policy looks like,” says Jan C. Behrends, professor of history at European University Viadrina.
The formation of a strong diplomatic front will bring the end of the war in Ukraine closer.

Exert political influence on your authorities
The #Stoprussianow campaign is spreading wide and fast. Billboards arrived in European cities such as Paris, Hamburg and Vienna. Each material signifies the cry of the Ukrainian people.

If you consult the #StopRussiaNOW website, you will see other ways to help the Ukrainian people. For example, donating to the Ukrainian armed forces, spreading information on social networks and boycotting brands that do business in Russia.

One of the essential steps is to put pressure on political figures by sending e-mails to show that you disapprove of Russian aggression. The message is already written and waiting to be sent. The system has already generated over 100,000 emails. Learn more about stoprussianow.eu.

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