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Ms Deves was attending a Liberal Party rally in Sydney on Sunday with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and others when she was approached by the media.

Reporters have repeatedly asked the candidate for the Sydney Warringah seat if she stands by her views, apologizes and is sorry for


Ms Deves refused to answer any questions put to her and was quickly escorted out of the building by security.

Ms Deves has previously made comments on social media about transgender people, including suggesting that trans children have been “surgically mutilated and sterilized” and comparing advocating against transgender women in sport to speaking out against the transport of transgender women. Jews to Nazi death camps during the World War. Of them.

She has since deleted the messages.

When asked by reporters earlier on Sunday whether his support for Ms Deves contradicted his self-proclaimed mission to reduce suicide rates, Mr Morrison said he did not stand by his words.

Asked about the issue in more detail, Mr Morrison said his support for banning transgender women from being allowed to compete in women’s sport and improving the mental health of young people are “two separate issues “.

“Equity in sport, women and girls in sport is an important issue, where I think there are common sense solutions. That’s what we are focusing on,” he said. declared.

“On the other hand, in regards to what Katherine Deves has said in the past, she took them down and she said they were insensitive and that was my view as well.”

Around three in four young transgender people in Australia have suffered from anxiety or depression, according to the 2017 Trans Pathways study conducted by the Telethon Kids Institute.

Forty-eight percent of trans youth have attempted suicide, while four in five have self-harmed.

The Coalition announced on Sunday that it would invest an additional $5.5 million in funding for the youth mental health organization, batyr, if it wins the election.

Foreign Secretary Marise Payne and Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a campaign rally in Sydney.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised to invest an additional $5.5 million in funding for youth mental health organisations. Source: AAP / MICK TSIKAS/AAPIMAGE

Some $3.8 million will be provided through the 2022-23 budget to expand batyr’s OurHerd app, which provides young people with a digital space to share positive stories about mental health.

It is in addition to the $2.8 million invested in the 2019-2020 budget to develop the application.

In addition, batyr will receive $1.7 million for an evidence-based peer-to-peer mental health and suicide prevention program focused on high school and college students, Thrive On.

Clashes over housing policy

A looming interest rate hike and a new opposition share ownership plan to bring thousands into homes have heightened attention on property affordability.

Federal Labor says the cost of buying a home will be reduced by up to 40% for about 10,000 low-to-middle income people a year if it wins the government.

When reporters asked on Sunday whether Labour’s purchase aid scheme would drive up property prices as it has been suggested the coalition’s housing policies have, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said said Australians were better off owning their own homes.


“They (a Labor government) will have the equity in your house and as your equity increases they will keep it,” he told reporters in Parramatta.

“I don’t have a plan to make money from people buying their own homes, quite the contrary.”

The labor scheme will provide a capital contribution of up to 40% of the purchase price of a new home and up to 30% for existing accommodation, with buyers required to pay a minimum down payment of 2%.

Before the last federal budget, the government announced that up to 50,000 spaces would be available each year under its program allowing first-time home buyers to enter the market with a much smaller deposit.

“We’ve had 300,000 Australians owning their own homes, and that’s a huge achievement,” Mr Morrison said.

“Now not everyone can achieve that, but it’s definitely something that I know Australians aspire to achieve.”

People watching a real estate auctioneer.

Under the Labor plan, Australians will be able to buy back an additional stake in the house, held by the federal government, in 5% increments or repay the government when they sell. Source: AAP / Diego Fedele

Around 160,000 people bought their first home in Australia last year, compared to a five-year average of around 100,000, he said.

Under the Labor plan, Australians will be able to buy back an additional stake in the house, held by the federal government, in 5% increments or repay the government when they sell.

The program is not exclusive to first-time home buyers, but participants must be Australian citizens and live in the home for two years.

It is expected to cost taxpayers around $329 million over four years, but the Greens say the investment “won’t even hit the sides.”

Leader Adam Bandt said housing affordability is one area the party would push for an Albanian government if Labor wins the election.

“What we want to do is work with the next government, which hopefully won’t be a Liberal government…but it’s going to have to be pushed,” Bandt told Insiders on Sunday. ABC.

“Housing affordability is a major issue in this country and they’re coming out with a policy that could help maybe 10,000 people, and could actually drive prices up.”


The Greens want to build one million homes over the next two decades, including a mix of public and community housing, condominiums and affordable rental programs.

The debate comes ahead of a Reserve Bank meeting on Tuesday to discuss the prospect of a mid-term interest rate hike.

Scott Morrison promises big changes in tech security

Big tech will need to build enhanced security controls into their devices that are easy for parents to use and hard for kids to circumvent, if the Coalition is returned to the government.

Tech companies are expected to create protections for smartphones and tablets as part of a new eSafety package.

The electronic safety commissioner would work with Apple, Samsung and others to devise device settings and a binding code under the Online Safety Act.


If the industry does not create these controls within 12 months of the election of the government, it will force companies to comply with the regulations.

In December, Mr Morrison launched a parliamentary inquiry into the effects of social media, saying at the time parents had a right to worry about whether big tech was doing enough to keep children safe.

“That’s one of my big missions, can I tell you, mental health in this country and the impact that social media has on our society, our community, our families,” he said. he said on Sunday.

“If we want to be strong as a country…then we have to deal with these kinds of things and we have to make sure the online world, the digital world, is a safe place for Australians.”

The government’s e-safety program also includes $23 million to raise awareness in support of e-safety in schools and provide training and resources for teachers.

Some $10 million will also go to the Electronic Safety Commissioner to make it easier to report damage online, expanding coordination with other regulators and law enforcement agencies.

An additional $2 million has been earmarked for an online safety grants program to support women and girls in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The government is also renewing its commitments to push social media companies to be more responsible by legislating anti-trolling and online privacy laws, strengthening ratings, introducing tougher regulations to combat fake news and creating the Youth Advisory Council on Online Safety.

A blonde woman speaks into a microphone

Electronic Security Commissioner Julie Inman Grant during Senate Estimates in Parliament in Canberra, Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Source: AAP / MICK TSIKAS/AAPIMAGE

“I’m very proud of this plan,” Mr Morrison said.

“It’s there to protect women, it’s there to protect girls, it’s there to protect young people, it’s there to protect people who are being trolled and abused, it’s there to protect is there to keep Australians safe, and it’s there to keep our spaces online and to keep them safe in the future.”

Labor launches election campaign

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said Australia could do better than be “three years older”.

Mr Albanese will kick off his party’s election campaign in Perth on Sunday, as Labor continues to lead the coalition in opinion polls ahead of the May 21 election.

He said Perth was chosen because Western Australia – along with Queensland – had been key drivers of economic growth and jobs.

Asked about Sky News ahead of the launch, Mr Albanese said it had been a tough few years for Australia and people wanted more than a throwback to the past.

“We can do better than just having three more years of the same thing…Labour has a plan for a better future,” he said.

“We must shape the future rather than being passive and shaped by it.”

He said Australians were suffering from “conflict fatigue”, having been ruled by a Liberal-National coalition more interested in cornering the opposition than finding solutions.

To go beyond that, an Albanian government would organize a “full employment summit” to bring together unions, employers, local, state and federal governments to find ways to boost jobs and growth.

The party’s purchase assistance program will also be unveiled at the launch.

Labor finance spokeswoman Katy Gallagher also flagged an announcement on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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