TelioEV launches “Green Warrior” campaign with India’s FIRST human QR code


• Electric vehicle charging network provider Startup “TelioEV” aims to plant around 50,000 trees as part of its “Green Warriors Campaign” New Delhi, May 5, 2022: Charging network provider TelioEV of electric vehicles (EV), announced the launch of the first human vehicle in India. QR Code to improve the environment for our future generations. TelioEV, through its “Green Warriors Campaign”, aims to plant or adopt approximately 50,000 trees in one year to create a green planet by reducing carbon footprint and lowering temperature. The main objective is to raise awareness among people, especially young people, about planting trees and adopting trees. Users will scan the TelioEV QR Code and a tree will be planted in their name. Users will receive Green Warrior certificates with details including a unique code and image of their plant. An 80G certificate will be issued by recognized NGOs for the adoption of the tree. TelioEV is a start-up powered by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation company focused on using technology for sustainability. TelioEV helps the user to know where all the nearest EV charging stations are. TelioEV is working to reduce the carbon footprint. The app is a data hub for all EV charging-related solutions in the industry, from front-end mobile apps to high-end back-end analytical performance assessment and improvement tools. Amit Singh – Founder and CEO of TelioLabs at the launch said, “Climate change is a critical issue across the world right now. The introduction of India’s first human QR code and the “Green Warriors Campaign” will raise awareness among people, especially the youth, for a better environment and sustainability. Our goal is to plant a number of trees with an increase in TelioEV app download” Smita Apsingekar-COO, TelioLabs said, “We want to raise awareness about electric vehicles in India by bringing people to the platform. trains TelioEV through the Green Warrior campaign. We believe the TelioEV platform is designed for the convenience of EV users. The TelioEV app will be a game-changer in the electric vehicle charging space in India. Users who plant a tree will receive a “silver badge” certificate and users who adopt the tree will receive a “gold badge” certificate. An 80G certificate for tree adoption will be issued by these NGOs for users.


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