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With 15 days to go before elections start across the country, Prime Minister James Marape says Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill should worry about his own party returning, then worry about the law and order in Tari, Hela and across the country.

“We are working to change the structure of law and order, that means making sure our stations are clean, there are vehicles and the workforce is high,” he said. he declares.

“Our plan is to ensure that we work to restore law and order, which is a long-term goal and once people feel that the police arrest the culprits and the court deals with the cases quickly, people will start respecting the law.”

Mr O’Neill said Prime Minister James Marape needed to address issues in his own constituency before talking about law and order in the country.

“Is this the same person who can’t bring himself to kill Tari while talking about Alotau.”

It must be a joke. Marape should not talk about loss of life when he knows he has never prioritized law and order in his constituency or anywhere else in the country for the past 3 years,” said Mr. O’Neill.

“No one takes his words seriously anymore because of his constant and continuous lies.” However, Prime Minister Marape, who was in Alotau for the PanguPati campaign, says law and order has always been a priority for the government.

“Our goal after forming the government is to ensure that we build our law and order from infrastructure, logistics and manpower,” Prime Minister Marape said.

The Prime Minister said he wanted Alotau and Milne Bay to shed the label of anarchy that had beset them under the O’Neill regime, and one of the ways to do that was to vote for candidates.

“Unfortunately, we lost him (Alotau) in the eight years the PNC was in power,” he told a cheering crowd.

“It is indisputable.

“Before the PNC came to power, Alotau was a safe place, but for the eight years the PNC was in power, Alotau was lost.

“That’s why the Hon. Charles Abel (MP for Alotau currently running for Milne Bay Regional) moved out (out of the PNC) and went his own way, I moved out and went my own way because we had no trust in the leaders of the country we served.

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is madness.

“If they (PNC) have not solved the problems of Alotau, how are they going to come back and solve them? If they haven’t talked about SMEs before, how are they going to come back and talk about SMEs? If they haven’t given every student leaving school a second chance, how can they fix the broken door?

“We have already seen the DNA of the PNC. I don’t believe in PNC leaders, maybe another PNC leader agrees. I worked with Mr. O’Neill for eight years and his heart is in the wrong place, his mind is in the wrong place for the country.

Mr Marape said there was a “green revolution” across Papua New Guinea, led by Pangu and his coalition partners to level the playing field.

“One of the main differences between Pangu and many other parties today is the desire to empower our people so you can have money in your pocket,” he said.

“I don’t want anarchy to stay here, I want the people of Milne Bay to have money in your pockets.”


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