The Delta Record | B-UHS and BFD Celebrate “One for All” Campaign


BUCKHANNON – On Friday, May 13, marketing students from Buckhannon-Upshur High School (B-UHS) and the Buckhannon Fire Department (BFD) came together to celebrate working together on their “One for All” campaign. “.

The Delta Record followed the developing story regarding B-UHS Marketing Class’s collaborative efforts with the BFD to increase fire service volunteerism throughout Upshur County. Dr. Justin Bowers of B-UHS helped his marketing students in this endeavor. BFD Chief JB Kimble and other members of the fire service also contributed to the project.

It has been well documented throughout Upshur County on the need for volunteers in the fire service. To fully grasp the understanding of the students of the fire departments of the B-UHS marketing class, they visited the BFD on Thursday, April 7th. During their visit to BFD they were guided by Chef JB Kimble. They also had the opportunity to try on bunker gear and examine fire trucks and equipment used by firefighters.

After their visit, the students continued to work on the campaign. The title of the campaign is “Be one for all”. The campaign aims to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters for the Upshur County Fire Department. Upshur County is home to seven fire departments, including Adrian, Banks District, Buckhannon, Ellamore, Selbyville, Warren District, and Washington District.

Marketing materials include a QR code that can be scanned to provide additional information and allow the interested person to be contacted by their prospective fire department. The marketing materials will be displayed in the 80th Annual West Virginia Strawberry Festival also during the Firefighters Parade on Friday, May 20. During the firefighter parade, the B-UHS football team in addition to a group of fifth and eighth graders will assist the BFD by carrying signs and distributing items in an effort to raise awareness of the need for firefighters. volunteers.

Chief JB Kimble commented on the project and said, “Anytime we get the chance to engage with our youth to create a positive atmosphere for our community, it’s definitely a win. I really enjoyed the interaction we had over the past two months, it was really nice. I look forward to future collaboration.

Dr Bowers said: ‘As a high school business and marketing teacher, I am so proud of the students who have partnered with firefighters to build this campaign to help recruit more members of our community to be part of of fire fighting. family. The idea behind the tagline “Be One for All” is that those interested in serving with the fire service would carry that spirit of service and commitment to the safety and good of our entire community. Our departments need more volunteers, and as our students have designed the posters, banners and other materials, they have really come to realize the needs facing fire departments. Our hope is that this will have an impact, raise awareness and ultimately help our fire departments continue to do the job they do to the best of their abilities.

“It’s an honor to be in the parade. Our community needs volunteer firefighters and we’re happy to help recruit new firefighters,” said B-UHS football coach Zach Davis.

Erin Anderson, fifth grade teacher at Upshur County Schools, said, “When Kristie Tenney reached out, I quickly volunteered to gather student volunteers…Students to help promote volunteer firefighters! Our volunteers provide a crucial service to our community. I want my students to see the power they have to meet this need in our region! »


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