The Good Shepherd Center launches “Home for Good” campaign


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Good Shepherd Center is launching a new campaign it hopes will help address chronic homelessness in the community.

The goal of the Centre’s “Home for Good” campaign is to create additional housing and expand its Martin Street campus. It is also planned to use the land in front of the current shelter for the project.

Good Shepherd Center executive director Katrina Knight said the shelter currently has space for four families with children. With the campaign, he hopes to have enough space to accommodate up to eight families with children with intensive case management on site.

The campaign also includes a model of permanent, supportive housing for the chronically homeless that would add 70 more units to the Center’s current 48.

“So we can theoretically double the number of homeless families for the children we house and then help rehouse them back into the community,” Knight said. “Also on this expanded campus, we would like to incorporate more units of what they call permanent supportive housing. It’s sort of the gold standard for helping chronically disabled homeless people achieve a successful and sustainable return to housing.

Some of the units will be similar to the units at the Lakeside Reserve that the Good Shepherd Center already operates.

The Center hopes to preserve “fifteen units of affordable housing for the chronically homeless with disabilities,” Knight said. “Just a few days ago, the City of Wilmington voted to turn over a small property to us on Carolina Beach Road, which will provide a new opportunity to move the needle towards affordable housing for the chronically homeless by creating this that – we hope – will be 32 apartments.

Knight says that with the current housing units the shelter runs, they have seen the positive impact it has on those who were chronically homeless. They hope to expand that reach.

“If you’ve fallen into a housing crisis and you’ve been there for a while, it’s very easy to feel hopeless about ever going through what it’s like to have an ordinary roof over your head. over your head,” Knight said. “We have seen with our past experience how transformative it is to have a pretty, clean, healthy and respectful apartment to call your own.”

To make this vision achievable, the Good Shepherd Center aims to raise $20 million. So far, they have $1.5 million in commitments for the new campaign.

The Center hopes to have everything done – including possible construction – by 2026.


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