The heartfelt campaign of Cadbury and The Prince’s Trust backed by Ian Wright and Steph Houghton


Cadbury and Prince’s confidence joined forces to encourage the nation to give doubt and to help young people with their own doubts.

Research by The Prince’s Trust found that more than a quarter (29%) of 18-30 year olds nationwide admit to feeling powerless to change their future.

The Prince’s Trust NatWest Youth Index 2022 uses figures from YouGov Plc and the sample size for this research was 2106 adults. Between December 22, 2021 and January 12, 2022, fieldwork was carried out. The survey was conducted online and the figures have been weighted and are representative of all young people in the UK (aged 16-25).

Cadbury’s partnership with The Prince’s Trust wants to encourage people across the country to share their own doubts in the hope that it will make young people realize that doubts don’t need to hold them back and that sharing doubts can help them to overcome theirs. .

Ian Wright gives a bar of doubt (Cadbury)

The Prince’s Trust support, advice and guidance is shared on The Cadbury and The Prince’s Trust’s campaign center and it’s where young people can access the tools they need to overcome their doubts and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Limited edition packs of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars are now available in supermarkets for £4.23 (RRP) and they are printed with doubts on some famous football faces – Ian Wright MBE, Steph Houghton MBE and Gary Neville – like a way to encourage people to share their doubts too.

Denbighshire Free Press: Steph Houghton gives bar of doubt (Cadbury)Steph Houghton gives a bar of doubt (Cadbury)

Jonathan Townsend, UK Managing Director of The Prince’s Trust, said: “Self-doubt and lack of opportunity should not stop young people from having a successful and positive future.

“At The Prince’s Trust, we help young people find jobs and training, and we know that with the right opportunities and the confidence in themselves, every young person, no matter what adversity they face, can succeed. and achieve your goals in life.”

Denbighshire Free Press: Gary Neville gives bar of doubt (Cadbury)Gary Neville gives a bar of doubt (Cadbury)

Gary Neville added: “I can certainly relate to the moments of doubt. It happened to me when I was playing in a European quarter-final, I didn’t want the ball, my conviction disappeared!

“That’s why I’m so proud to be part of Give A Doubt – a campaign that aims to normalize those moments of self-doubt and empower young people to overcome them.”

To learn more about the Give a Doubt campaign, you can visit the site here.


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