The Hertfordshire town is at the center of Norway’s seafood campaign


The Norwegian Seafood Council is targeting a small garden town in England for a special campaign to promote seafood sustainability.

Letchworth, Hertfordshire, was Britain’s first garden city. It was selected for a pilot project which, according to the Seafood Council, is very different from its ordinary business activities. Both farmed and wild products will be involved in the campaign.

Anette Grøttland Zimowski, International Public Relations Manager at the Seafood Council, said: “This is a very different pilot project from our regular marketing activities.

“While sustainability is an important part of our communication today, we have never strategically invested in a campaign emphasizing sustainable seafood.”

Saturday June 11 marks the launch of a three-week campaign under the auspices of the Seafood Council.

Called “Sea Change”, it will be based in Letchworth, 32 miles north of London, which has friendly and cultural ties with Kristiansand in Norway.

Zimowski explained: “During the campaign period we will be carrying out a number of activities in this small British community.

“Through knowledge sharing, engagement and inspiration, we will convey that sustainable seafood is not only good for public health, but also good for the planet. Unfortunately, this is a very understated message. -communicated.

Although the Seafood Council chose Letchworth as the base for the campaign, she stressed the aim is to get national and international attention.

“We have a collaboration with the local newspaper The Comet and the city’s Facebook page, but local activities are only a small part of this project.

“With the help of social media, media buying and press invitations, we will increase the visibility of sustainable food from the sea.”

The garden city concept of Letchworth was founded in 1903 by social reformer Sir Ebenezer Howard when it was a small rural village. Since then, it has become a focus for new town planners.

Anette Grottland Zimowski


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