The insult campaign does not deserve support


It goes without saying that the election season will include the usual politics, with each candidate looking to outdo the others, gain exposure and hopefully succeed on Election Day. But Chad Koppie, the Republican candidate for District 8, went too far.

His web page claims he is a family man and a patriot with a duty to God, but his campaign signs include the statement “Let’s Go Brandon”. It is well known that this statement is Republican code for a profane insult to President Joe Biden.

I wonder how Mr. Koppie expects parents to explain his slogan to their children. Does he feel like this tagline portrays him as “the honorable man” his web page claims he is? Perhaps he feels his behavior mimicking Donald Trump by hurling personal insults rather than discussing the issues will win him the votes of far-right Republicans. I certainly hope that voters will be as offended as I am by his campaign sign and vote for another candidate, any other candidate.

Ronald Hirsch



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