The IPRS lends its wholehearted support to music creators through its “Learn and Earn” campaign

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The IPRS lends its wholehearted support to music creators through its “Learn and Earn” campaign

Posted on June 7, 2022

  • The IPRS recently held its Knowledge Workshop in Kolkata as part of its one-year pan-India initiative titled “Learn and Earn”. The session aimed to educate and empower songwriters, composers and publishers on topics related to music rights and the latest trends shaping the careers of music creators.
  • Debojyoti Mishra, Satarupa Sanyal, Debjit Roy, Rajkumar Roy as well as Mr. Rakesh Nigam, the management team, key members of the region and the board graced the event

Kolkata : The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (“IPRS”) has always been concerned with the welfare of its members and has been protecting the rights of composers, songwriters and publishers since 1969 – the year of its establishment. Seeing talented creators suffer from a lack of awareness of their rights and opportunities is truly disturbing and has made them reflect on the corrective measures needed to redress the situation.

As a responsible copyright society, the IPRS was keenly aware of the economic turmoil its members have been going through during the pandemic. The Society also observed the multitude of doubts and questions that its members had, in this changing musical landscape. Stemming from this concern, a need to launch the initiative to inform, educate and empower its members emerged. Reaching its members through this initiative has become one of the main objectives of the IPRS.

Starting the journey in this direction, the IPRS has decided to launch a series of workshops for its members. The pan-India workshops will be a great eye-opener for IPRS members, benefiting their creative journey and career. The knowledge workshop aptly titled “Learn and Earn” has successfully taken off in Kolkata.

This workshop was next after the music mad cities of Chennai and Hyderabad, where the first of these intensive “Learn and Earn” workshops took place in early May. Kolkata with its outstanding musical heritage among other art forms like literature, theater has been heralded as the cultural capital of India. Global cultural icons such as Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray, among others, have added new dimensions to the alluring appeal of this ‘City of Joy’. As expected, the rich musical tradition of Bengal is embedded with some of the most amazing musical creators in genres such as classical, folk music, rock bangla, and also includes genre-defying independent artists, all arriving in droves for this event. important. The aura of the creme de la creme of the music industry especially from Bengal including top composers, songwriters, publishers and all reputable members of IPRS made the meeting all the more more important.

The focus of discussion at the workshop focused on copyright in music and related areas such as music licensing, emerging trends and technological advancements in the digital age, and the role of ‘IPRS in protecting the rights of creators and their legitimate rights.

Talking about the Singer, Songwriter and Music Director initiative, Mr. Anupam Roy said, “The music of Bengal is vast and varied. Music makers from several genres and regions have contributed to the vast repertoire of Bengali music since time immemorial. Unfortunately, most songwriters and composers don’t know their rights, and the various facets of the music industry help fuel their creativity.

The Learn and Earn campaign launched by IPRS is an excellent initiative to raise awareness of the rights of music creators and publishers. Musicians associated with the music industry in India are unaware of the benefits and role of a copyright society and the rights given by copyright law. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, and I am happy that the IPRS organizes knowledge workshops for its members to improve and surpass themselves.

Applauding the campaign, renowned songwriter Mr. Mayur Puri added“IPRS is the most vocal and important voice of the music creator community. Today, the music industry is becoming more and more decentralized every day. As mandated by our visionary Chairman Shri Javed Akhtar Saab , it is imperative for all of us at IPRS to step up our diversity and inclusion initiatives.“Learn and Earn” is a series of full-day, multi-city workshops designed to enable our members to not only survive , but also to thrive in this creator economy. This is the first time that an epic undertaking of this scale and such comprehensive content has been planned to bring the community together, and we hope to see thousands of music creators benefit from it.

Addressing the press conference, Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS said“The Indian music industry has evolved dynamically and has been home to some of the most famous songwriters and composers. Fueling this growth is regional music as it transcends borders and creates new benchmarks with its popularity The Bengali music industry, with a pool of talented creators, is a major player in this new success.

As the industry reaches new heights, it is mandatory that songwriters and composers are fully aware of their rights. This initiative aims to raise awareness of copyright and music licensing while helping IPRS members to develop their knowledge and skills. At IPRS, our primary focus will be to create more opportunities for our members and pave the way towards a robust ecosystem that will propel them and the Indian music industry to greater heights.

Mr. Nigam further added, “Fiscal Year 21-22 was a watershed event in the history of IPRS with its profits recording growth of around 85% from INR 169.8 crore in FY20-21 to INR 310 crore in FY21-22 Streaming/OTT platforms were the major contributors to total revenue in FY21-22.

It was also the year that saw royalty payments cross the INR 200 crore mark as they topped INR 210 crore from the previous year’s INR 183.3 crore. The IPRS also provided relief funds to its members. Financial assistance amounting to INR 6.2 crore was distributed to around 3900 author members in FY21-22 to mitigate the impact of loss of income caused by the Covid pandemic.


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