The Responsible Gaming Foundation launches an awareness campaign


The Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) has launched an awareness campaign called “TAKE ACTION”.

This campaign is part of a €1.1 million project partly funded by the European Social Fund. The foundation said the full project includes research, training and also an awareness campaign.

The campaign is divided into three main groups: children, teenagers and young adults (10-35 years old) and the rest of the general public.

The RGF has stated that its main objective is to inform the public about the importance of everyone’s responsibility when it comes to gambling. He also wants to inform the public about the support the foundation offers in cases where people play these games excessively.

He also said the campaign also aims to reduce the stigma addicts receive and raise awareness in the community about the repercussions of gambling.

The campaign encourages people going through an addiction problem to get in touch either through the foundation’s helpline, 1777, or through the chat line on the website

The Minister of Economy, European Funds and Lands, Silvio Schembri, visited the offices of RGF where he could see the videos currently being shared for this campaign.

Schembri thanked RGF Non-Executive Chairman Neville Mangion, Chief Executive Kevin O’Neil, the various campaign ambassadors and all staff who worked at RGF for working on this campaign.

Schembri took a moment to emphasize the importance of being immediately aware of the signs that may indicate a gambling problem.

The RGF thanked Schembri for his visit and he also thanked everyone involved in the ongoing work that was so necessary for the success of this campaign.


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