Traverse City’s Dunegrass Launches Cannabis Tourism Campaign


TRAVERSE CITY — Cannabis is now an emerging industry alongside tourism in northern Michigan. One company working hard to combine the two is Dunegrass Co.

“I reside in Traverse City and really enjoy all that our area has to offer,” said Dunegrass Co. CEO Nick Piedmonte. “Dunegrass has six locations in Northern Michigan and UP and we have designs on several more. We understand the region’s deep relationship with tourism and are deeply involved in the communities we serve, so developing our brand to promote canna-tourism is a natural fit for us.

The new Dunegrass website is largely dedicated to providing a hyper-local guide to ‘Upper North’ activities, from hiking and biking to snow and watersports near outlets in cannabis detail from Dunegrass. Tourism in Michigan is a $26 billion industry and studies show that up to 75% of travelers between the ages of 30 and 65 are interested in cannabis as part of their vacation.

“We want to be the preferred dispensary for visitors who come to the region. As an outfitter, we hope to build relationships with visitors and provide them with more than great cannabis products. We hope our new website will help them find local hotspots and activities that will enhance their northern experience. We have also established supportive relationships with the West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA) and the West Michigan Cannabis Trial, which have embraced the normalization of cannabis tourism in the region.

In addition to the new website, Dunegrass has launched a new “A Higher Latitude” social media campaign. The sole purpose of A Higher Latitude is to promote Northern Michigan and all it has to offer. The account will share “Michi-Facts” to educate people about the unique recreational opportunities in the area, including special events like the Hoxeyville Music Festival which, in partnership with Dunegrass, will be the first existing music festival offering sales and on-site cannabis use. The platforms make no explicit mention of cannabis, but with a wink and a nudge, the post alludes to the benefits of visiting “Michigan’s High Country.”

Since many destination marketing organizations receive some level of federal funding, messaging about cannabis or membership in cannabis companies could complicate matters. This leaves cannabis operators a growing but underserved stakeholder group excluded from the public tourism conversation. Piedmonte states, “One of our goals with our marketing efforts is to fill the void and promote the normalization of cannabis as part of Michigan’s upper latitude tour.”

Dunegrass Co. is a family-owned chain of dispensaries and Cannabis Outfitters in northern Michigan. With 6 branches in the region, we have the wind in our sails. Dunegrass Co. is committed to promoting cannatourism in the region and is deploying new marketing strategies to achieve this goal.

Check out our new website at and plan your cannabis getaway in northern Michigan.


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