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The voices and statements of Ukrainian Publicis Groupe employees were used to create a three-pronged fundraising campaign for the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

“Voices from Inside” was created by Le Truc and Leo Burnett Ukraine agencies owned by Publicis Groupe and includes a website, out-of-home (OOH) activations and an experimental video installation. The campaign was launched to raise awareness, support and donate to the Ukrainian Solidarity Fund – Operation Sunflower, the coalition of US and Ukrainian HRF relief teams.

Publicis Groupe has 350 employees in Ukraine. The advertising group previously pledged to pay Ukrainian salaries through 2022, while offering emergency training, safety alert systems, hotlines and dedicated support teams.

“Every day we are inundated with news bulletins, reports and special investigations. Sifting through facts, rumours, exaggerations and propaganda can be exhausting,” said HRF President Céline Boustani. “This project lays bare the true cost of war and reveals the voices of people inside Ukraine who are suffering in silence.”

The experiential video is an interactive booth for attendees of the HRF’s Oslo Freedom Forum conference, which takes place later this month. In the booth, attendees will hear the voices of Ukrainian Publicis employees and can record their own messages of support. The messages will be cut from a film, which will then be shown on the main stage of the conference as part of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s opening speech.

For OOH activations, Publicis Groupe has placed billboards in Times Square that feature copy such as “Give AF” in front of the colors of the Ukrainian flag and a QR code that takes the public to a donation page, and an image digital image of a destroyed building asking passers-by to visit the page.

Bastien Baumann, design director at Publicis Group and founding partner of Le Truc, said it was important to raise awareness of the Ukrainian war in a new way “because the media often dictates the narrative”, which makes hard to imagine what that looks like. experience war.

The team also worked with production teams The Pub and Fancy House of Visual Effects.


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