Underdog Pet Rescue seeks to grow through fundraising campaign


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – “Kitten season” brings triple the number of adoptable cats to Underdog Pet Rescue in Madison this spring, but those new litters aren’t all the nonprofit has been keeping busy.

In addition to finding pets in their forever home, Underdog operates a veterinary clinic in East Madison. It’s not just about caring for adoptable animals, but offering veterinary services to low-income clients at a good price. Demand for their services is growing, but their current space on South Fair Oaks Avenue is too small to meet those needs.

Underdog started a fundraiser raise $500,000 to move into a bigger space. The goal is to double the number of animals the clinic serves in one day and to offer services such as grooming and dog daycare. So far, they’ve raised nearly $82,000.

“We see a lot of southern animals, that’s where we get our rescues from, and a lot of them have so many health issues because they’re neglected. So it’s really important that when they come here we can take care of all those medical issues and get them back healthy so they can find a good home,” said Dr. Lenore Saindon, veterinarian at Underdog Pet Rescue. .

Dr Saindon said several factors have contributed to the increase in the number of patients. “There have been a lot of returns due to a lot of people adopting during COVID and not knowing what to expect, so we have seen an increase in returns. I would also say that we have also seen a large increase in financial need due to COVID, which has caused difficult times for people.

Most of Underdog Pet Rescue’s adoptable animals come from overcrowded southern shelters and are housed in volunteer foster homes in the Madison area. They currently have over 140 cats or kittens and over 70 dogs or puppies up for adoption.

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