Uniformed personnel campaign against drug trafficking

Dimapur Police personnel taking part in the marching rally of men in Dimapur on Saturday.

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Dimapur, June 25 (EMN): Commemorating the ‘International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’, Dimapur (CP) Police Commissioner Rothihu Tetseo reported a gathering of women on two wheels and men on foot at the premises of his office on June 25 on the theme “Meeting drug-related challenges in health and humanitarian crises.

The women’s two-wheel rally started at the CP office and headed towards Chümoukedima, while the men’s foot rally headed towards the clock tower. The gatherings of women and men culminated at the CP office, Dimapur. About 100 policemen took part in the rally on foot, while around 45 women took part in the rally on two-wheelers.

Speaking at the launch program, Rothihu Tetseo pointed out that people take the idea of ​​holding such events casually without understanding the real purpose. Noting that regardless of whether such a gathering prevents people from using drugs or not, he said the main purpose was to raise awareness.

Tetseo therefore urged the participants to rededicate themselves so that they do not become a liability and a problem for society, but raise awareness among the public. He also thanked the Rotary Club Dimapur for sponsoring certificates for all female two-wheelers.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police (HQ) Dr. Mhalo Ezung informed that the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking has been observed annually on June 26 since 1989 to commemorate the dismantling by Lin Zexu of the Opium Trade in Humen, Guangdong, which ended on June 25, 1839, as the First Opium War in China.

Ezung said that this year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is tackling transnational drug-related challenges arising from crisis situations under the theme “Addressing drug-related challenges in health and humanitarian crises”.

The officer further called for more efforts to tackle drug issues in every way possible, starting with such campaigns.

DEF Longleng staff are seen at the campaign rally against drug trafficking in Longleng town on Saturday.

DEF Longleng organizes a rally

Commemorating the “International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”, Longleng District Executive Force (DEF) held a rally from Hukphang Junction to Lempong Junction in Longleng Town on June 25.

Addressing the rally at Lempong Junction, the Additional Superintendent of Police and Vice Chairman of the PSC called on government agencies, civil societies, stakeholders and citizens of Longleng to extend their cooperation and support to campaign against illicit drugs and alcohol by sharing valuable insights and information to protect citizens from the threat of alcohol and illicit drugs, a DIPR report said on Saturday.

The rally was organized with the aim of creating mass awareness to combat drug abuse and illicit trafficking in the neighborhood.

He mentioned that the Longleng police have been cracking down on illegal alcohol and drug trafficking by carrying out regular searches and checks in the district over the years. He said contraband shipments such as alcohol, suspected brown sugar, heroin, etc. were seized and those arrested were registered under various articles of the laws.

Meanwhile, DEF Longleng informed that he will also conduct sensitization program in churches on June 26 as part of the campaign.


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