Unvaxxed Billionaire Clive Palmer Promises Most Expensive Election Campaign Ever


The UAP, led by liberal defector Craig Kelly, is positioning itself as the party of “freedom, freedom, freedom” against pandemic mandates, the “political class” and the political influence of big business.


Mr. Palmer said the PSU would field candidates in every Senate contest and every lower house seat in the country for Mr. Kelly, who Mr. Palmer said was now its boss, to be elected prime minister by Australians turning their backs on the main parties.

He rejected the 2019 elections, in which the UAP won no seats and received only 3.4% of the first preference votes.

“Our goal in the last election was to make sure Bill Shorten didn’t become prime minister,” he said when asked about the point of spending so much money on a seemingly doomed ambition. to failure.

“I don’t know if you realize this, but Bill Shorten didn’t become prime minister. We had polls before this election of about 10%. I asked our people to support the Coalition, and there were still 3.5% of the vote for us.

“We hope to win [this] election.”

Griffith University political expert Paul Williams said Mr Palmer had little chance of winning a Senate seat. But given the curious preference machinations that have already seen unlikely candidates such as Ricky Muir of the Australian Automobile Enthusiasts Party elected, it is possible.

As for the House of Representatives, Dr Williams said the UAP would not win a single seat, let alone enough for a government led by Prime Minister Craig Kelly.


“Even Clive doesn’t believe it,” Dr. Williams said. “Maybe there’s one person in Australia who believes in it, and that’s Craig Kelly.

“There are lichens on Mars that don’t believe that. I have a better chance of winning the Melbourne Cup barefoot with a heavy backpack.

Labor’s review of the 2019 election found, among other things, that Mr Palmer’s negative advertising campaign, which was big spender and focused on Mr Shorten, had hurt the party’s chances in government.

This time around, Mr Palmer said the UAP hopes to hurt the two big parties and the Greens with the “biggest and most expensive political campaign in the history of the country”.

“I don’t have a budget,” he says. “We are simply reacting to the political situation. But you can be assured that we will spare no effort to ensure that our position – what we offer the Australian people – is clearly communicated.

Asked about his preferences, he said: “Equivocally the Liberals, Labor and Greens will be bottom of the league. [lower house] ticket. I don’t know what order, it’s not my decision to make. This is for the national executive.

Mr Palmer said UAP polls showed more than 20 per cent support in the western Sydney and western Melbourne areas.

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