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Within its Development, Operations and Talent Management departments; Commitment of alumni; Engagement of companies and foundations; and athletic development, the division is committed to telling the UTSA story while creating opportunities for donors, alumni and other supporters to be part of the university’s bold journey to its strategic destinations to be a national model for student success, a leading public research university, and an example of strategic growth and innovation excellence. These destinations are the foundation of the UTSA President Taylor Eighty’s 10-year strategic vision, which also includes a goal to grow to 45,000 students by 2028. As UTSA steadily increases its student enrollment year after year, a growing number of alumni accompany this objective.

The transition to “Alumni Engagement” highlights the office’s commitment to actively creating engagement opportunities for UTSA’s more than 150,000 alumni around the world, more than 70% of whom have earned their degree over the past two decades. It is an essential part of the university’s mission to engage directly with its graduates, who are the ambassadors who can elevate the stature of a university through their direct support. The main objective is the functioning and efficiency of the UTSA Alumni Association. The purpose of the association is to engage alumni in activities that advance the university and to provide valuable services and events where alumni can connect with each other, current students, and university leaders. The division invests in programs that create greater accessibility to higher education and support local community educational initiatives. In doing so, the office strives to create a sense of pride, purpose and philanthropy: the heart of the UTSA Alumni Association.

Some of the Alumni Association’s signature events include the UTSA Alumni Gala, Diploma Dash 5K, UTeeSA Golf Scramble, and Roadrunner Nation Alumni Tailgates. His Birds up The podcast has also gained great visibility and support, highlighting conversations between successful alumni and special guests who have unique stories to share about UTSA. And the UTSA Alumni Association Scholarship offers a remarkable way to positively impact students at the university.


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