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VICTORVILLE — Recently, the US Army launched a new marketing campaign calling on high achievers and goal-oriented youth from all walks of life to consider “Officer of the Army,” a specialized career path for aspiring leaders. “Decide to Lead” is based on the central message that leadership is a choice and that the beginning of this transformation begins with the decision to lead.

“Research tells us that very few young people today consider serving in the military and even fewer think the military is a viable path for young people going to college,” said Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, head of corporate marketing for the Army. “‘Decide to Lead’ helps dispel some common misconceptions about military service by showing young people how being an officer can be the ultimate launching pad for the career and lifestyle they want. We have training, benefits and community to prepare motivated young people to succeed and lead in any environment, all they have to do is choose.”

The campaign featured a soldier from Victorville. A mix of army officers and cadets appear in the campaign to highlight the opportunities and trajectories one can experience throughout a career in the military. “Decide to Lead” also plays an important role in the Army’s efforts to increase diversity by recruiting officers who represent the projected demographics of the American population in 2050.

First Lt. Correa, a former Jackrabbit, is currently serving in the U.S. Army and was able to talk to in an exclusive interview about his life in the high desert as well as in the US military.

PHOTO 2: Interview with Correa US ARMY commercial

Correa says growing up in Victorville had its challenges, but he still comes back to visit regularly, “I took a year off between graduation and college, and during that time I made friends with people I didn’t know at school and stayed in touch with over the years.”

Like many former High Desert residents who return to visit, each of them has a favorite food stop. For Correa, one of her favorite places to hang out in Victor Valley is a restaurant called Los Alazanes, “I always liked to stop and have a California burrito.”

Correa was active in high school. He competed on the Victor Valley High School wrestling team, coached by CT Campbell, “[Campbell] was a mentor to me. Being part of the team helped me feel a sense of belonging to the community, which I think the Army provided as well. The military gave me a chance to lead and mentor someone else and be an important part of a bigger team.”

So why did you choose to join the military?

“I joined the Army because I wanted to be part of a diverse team of men and women who would help me become a better leader and challenge me to reach my potential, both physically and mentally.”

Correa is a military intelligence officer, meaning he is responsible for intelligence gathered during military missions to assess risk, neutralize threats, and lead and protect teams of soldiers. “What I love most about my job is that it challenges me on a daily basis, both physically. I enjoy the people I work with; I would never have met them if I didn’t. I didn’t choose this profession. I constantly learn from them. Some speak several languages, and I find them so inspiring,” says Correa.

For Correa, the military is more than just a job, “It’s a lifetime commitment. What’s great about being in the military is that there are so many opportunities for personal growth. career and to pursue your passions. Being in the military is being part of a bigger mission and purpose with my fellow soldiers. I’ve met so many friends and mentors along the way. I couldn’t can’t imagine doing anything else.

Along with appearing in camouflage during her guest role in Amy’s new campaign video, Correa reveals her favorite part of the experience. To say his favorite part of being on the set of “Decide to Lead” was seeing “5-3 (the field artillery unit that was used for filming) set up their systems. He was special to be part of the “Decide to Lead” campaign to excite and inspire young people, our future leaders, to become an officer like me. The campaign addresses some of the most common misconceptions about military service by focusing on the key benefits officer’s competitive qualities, such as immediate management experience, world-class leadership training and a strong community – all things I experience regularly in my career.”

Correa has a pretty good idea why he was chosen specifically to be part of the campaign. He says “Decide to Lead” focuses on pathways to becoming an officer and a leader in the military, “The campaign also supports the military’s efforts to have a more diverse group of leaders who reflect the diversity of our nation. As a Mexican American Officer, I want other young men and women from diverse backgrounds to know that they too can grow to be leaders in the military Whether through ROTC – where scholarships are available – or other paths to becoming an officer can be the ultimate launch pad for the career and lifestyle they seek.”

“Decide to Lead” will reach national audiences online across social, community and entertainment platforms, including Reddit, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and Google, as well as through social media channels GoArmy and A range of other promotional assets — print ads, posters and billboards displayed in high-traffic primary audience locations like college campuses — extend the military’s efforts to meet Gen Z where they are. .

Leadership is a choice everyone can make. Decide to lead as an army officer.


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