Vilnius-based ROCKIT launches NFT-based charity campaign to raise funds for Ukraine


ROCKIT, a Vilnius-based fintech community, announced that it has launched an NFT-based charity campaign to raise funds for Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.

Called “The Nightingale of Freedom”, the NFT project is a joint work of artist Agnė Kišonaitė and more than 400 children from all over Lithuania.

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“When I was invited to contribute to this project, I immediately thought of a nightingale. It is the national bird of Ukraine. Very fragile, but at the same time his singing is magical. They say a nightingale can’t stop singing, so Ukraine, which is fighting for the freedom of all of us, can’t stop fighting. And we are here to help you with everything in our power. The external appearance of the nightingale is quite neutral, it is colorless, without distinctive features; that’s why, together with the children, we gave him the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and today we invite you to give him the wings of freedom,” says Kišonaitė.

“The purpose of this project is to remind and invite everyone to remember, because ‘The Nightingale of Freedom’ is dedicated to all people who love freedom and fight for it,” says Rockit.

Image credits: govilnius

Turned into 265 unique NFTs

Rockit says the artwork is made up of over 500 unique feathers. They were created and sent to the artist A. Kišonaite by children from all over Lithuania.

Working with blockchain specialists, “The Nightingale of Freedom” was digitized and turned into 265 non-fungible tokens with unique codes.

“Lithuanian residents and businesses have been incredibly united in their support for Ukraine since it was attacked by Russia. The “nightingale of freedom” is symbolically divided into 265 irreplaceable tokens, each with its own unique code. The Lithuanian fintech industry unites 265 start-ups – just like the nightingale – each of them unique, brilliant and outstanding, painting a picture of Lithuanian innovation,” said Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman, Director of Rockit .

Currently, anyone with a virtual wallet will be able to purchase them on the initiative’s page. The funds collected will be donated to the “I Am Ukraine” fund, managed in part by the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania.

According to Rockit, the first part of the NFT sold for €1,000 in a live auction during ROCKIT’s anniversary on June 30.

From baby food to bulletproof vest

Funds will be prioritized based on areas of Ukraine where immediate support is needed. This includes the need for humanitarian aid, ranging from baby food and first aid kits to batteries, and protective equipment such as body armor.

BCCS cluster, Bitlocus, Center for Information, Digitization and LIMIS of Lithuanian Museums, National Art Museum of Lithuania and Go Vilnius also participated in the project “The Nightingale of Freedom”.

“Web3 technologies enable innovations that open up new opportunities for businesses and the FinTech industry to advance with community support. to new projects and initiatives like this. Therefore, I believe that today our community will welcome new members who, with a good goal in mind, will together discover the miracles created by modern technologies,” said Andrius Petkevicius, CEO of BCCS Cluster.

You can donate and receive NFT here.

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