Vital Proteins Engages Top Influencers in Global Brand Campaign


The campaign was filmed by the director Damien Chazellewith campaign photographs by Cass Bird and original music composed by an American film composer Justin Hurwitz. Every Moment Matters offers an intimate look at what health and wellness means to some of today’s top influencers, fueling these conversations around the world. The campaign’s goal is to inspire consumers to take a commitment to wellness and showcase defining moments from each person’s unique journey.

Each story touches on various aspects of physical, emotional, mental and social health, emphasizing that each individual’s journey to wellness follows a different route. The campaign features personal stock footage, photography and film from each influencer sharing what is vital to them in their individual wellness journeys.

“What makes a person feel vital is like an intimate patchwork, carefully crafted and woven over a lifetime of experience,” said Tracey Halama, CEO of Vital Proteins. “I hope these stories inspire people to discover what wellness looks like to them, while also reminding them that it’s often the simple little things that change your mindset and have the biggest impact.”

For Addison, life is about connecting with those who always encourage and uplift you. Authentic connections and well-being; there is no room for less. A sentiment shared by Vital Proteins, Addison’s journey explores taking inventory of life’s passions, letting go of what no longer serves you, and protecting your energy.

“Wellness Gummies are part of my daily routine and I’m thrilled to join the campaign and show how easy it is to incorporate the brand’s products into your life,” said addison rae.

Iskra Laurent is a leader in the women’s body confidence movement, new mom and business owner. For Iskra and many others, reconnecting with how you nourish your body is key. It’s what helps you conquer everything on your to-do list with energy, strength, and determination. The secret to feeling your best starts with nurturing your well-being, your way. To feel better, Iskra uses Vital Proteins marine collagen and wellness gummies.

chase tucker has long been linked to the world of fitness, having grown up in a family of athletes in Chicago and majored in kinesiology in college. From there, he worked in physical therapy before helping others improve their lives by working as a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, and lifestyle coach. Chase’s favorite products to use are Vital Performance Protein Powders and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

As much as your physical health matters, Chase also believes in being mindful and staying present by saying “no” to distractions in order to focus on what matters most. He encourages everyone to celebrate where they are right now – literally and figuratively – and the relief that comes with every careful exhale.

Silvy Araujo is a global leader in the fitness community. She’s been sharing her inspirational content on social media with the Latina female fitness community and beyond since 2017. She’s been an advocate for boosting self-love, motivating everyone to love themselves and love themselves more every day. , and to always take care of his health. Silvy uses Vital Performance protein bars. To like vital proteins, Silvy believes in stepping into your power, which begins when you step beyond your comfort zone. Recovering your strength has never been so challenging.

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About Vital Proteins®

Vital Proteins® is America’s #1 collagen brand.* Founded in 2013, the brand is based on the belief that collagen supplementation, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, is fundamental to support healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.* *^ Vital Proteins® has expanded into 17 international markets. In 2019, the brand launched Vital Performance™, a complete line of high-performance collagen-based products. At the end of 2021, Nestlé Health Science finalized the definitive acquisition of Vital Proteins®. The variety of collagen products in the brand’s portfolio spans the supplement, vitamin, food and beverage categories, providing an assortment of options for consumers. Vital Proteins® products contain premium sources of collagen peptides and nutrients made with the highest quality ingredients. Make the most of every day with a new way to live better with collagen-based nutrition designed to deliver a more fulfilling wellness routine because wellness is vital. For more information, please visit

*SOURCE: SPINS, TOTAL US MULO + NATURAL ENHANCED, L52 weeks ending 03/20/2022.

** This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

^Results may vary. Various studies have suggested benefits after consuming collagen peptides daily for several months. Refer to product labels and for recommended servings and for more information

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