Vodacom customers will reap big rewards from M-Pesa awareness campaign


Vodacom Tanzania, Business Development and Marketing Manager for M-Pesa, Tulisindo Rashid, said: “We have a vision to bring Tanzania into a digital age and transform lives through technology and we are achieving this by making pushing for a cashless digital economy and promoting financial inclusion. to ensure that all Tanzanians can access digital services.

The “M-Pesa Imeitika” campaign will offer daily, weekly and grand prizes to customers who will take advantage of the new reduced service charge to make M-Pesa transactions as well as to use other M-Pesa services such as Vodabima , M-Visa Pesa Card and much more.

“Customers have a chance to win lots of prizes by using M-Pesa digital services and performing all M-Pesa transactions such as sending money locally and internationally and paying bills. The prizes up for grabs include Bajaj, Bodaboda, free full tank of fuel, free insurance cover for three months rewarded instantly and a grand prize of a newly built house worth 100/- in Dar es Salaam at the end of the promotion” .

The M-PESA platform has been at the forefront of innovation since its launch in the country in 2008. Since then, it has paved the way for service delivery from remittances due to its convenience and his safety.

It has also become a popular method for business transactions. Vodacom then innovated in partnership to introduce new services such as Songesha, M-PAWA. Social groups use M-KOBA to achieve their goals.

The campaign was launched with one of the campaign attractions, “WESE”. With the WESE competition, drivers who purchase an insurance product through VodaBIMA can win 20,000 shillings worth of fuel at participating petrol stations and 10 lucky drivers will receive full tanks.

To participate, users need only complete any transaction on M-PESA, from money transfer to government payment or payment for services such as VodaBIMA on the platform, the magic number is *150 *00#, then choose any M-Pesa transaction or you can use the M-Pesa app for convenience.


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