Wakefit.co welcomes IKEA to Bengaluru with an original campaign


Wakefit.co has set up an engaging 360-degree campaign, which aims to create brand resonance by welcoming Swedish competitor IKEA to Bengaluru. Driven by research and innovation, the Bengaluru-based brand focuses on customer engagement through out-of-the-box marketing initiatives.

IKEA’s launch in Bengaluru was a highly anticipated event as well as being a topical conversation in the home solutions space. As a D2C home solutions brand headquartered in Bengaluru and enjoying massive brand recall in the city due to its strong 7-year presence, Wakefit.co in a quirky and witty, aimed to be part of the conversation by welcoming their competitor to town in a humorous way.

Wakefit.co launched a host of creative mediums including print ads, search ads, and social media posts, along with other content pieces to create a holistic campaign.

The front page print ad on The Times of India for the #WakefitTrikea campaign featured a full open letter to IKEA in their native language – Swedish. The ad comes with a QR code that translates it into English and also shares the locations of all Wakefit.co stores centrally located in Bangalore. After launching a 360 degree campaign, the company is inviting people to visit its recently launched retail stores to experience the compelling range of home and sleep solutions it has to offer.

Speaking about the 360 ​​degree campaign, Prateek Malpani, Head of Brand, Wakefit.co said: “Content marketing has been our strength over the years, and we have always believed that engaging people in Interesting conversations will help us stay relevant to our target audience. This effort aimed to leverage a timely moment of our Swedish competitor’s store launch to engage the public in learning about Wakefit’s extensive portfolio and presence in Bangalore. So the media planning efforts around “Wakefit Trikea?” involved social media, display buying and ultimately resulted in a print campaign to coincide with the weekend. Besides being part of conversations, the north star metric for us was website and store traffic for the 3 newly opened stores in Bangalore. Both of these metrics are showing massive growth.

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