Water Services Campaign Finalist at the 2022 Mumbrella Awards

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An educational campaign on water use by the Victoria Water Board has been nominated in the ‘Sustainable Practices’ category as a finalist in the 2022 Mumbrella Awards.

Yarra Valley Water’s educational campaign, ‘Water Watcher’, encourages elementary school children and families in the service area to place a figure on their faucets at home.

The Mumbrella Awards recognize work and talent in marketing, advertising, media, production, public relations and communications.

The four characters available – Welly, Washy, Wavy and Wade – are aliens who moved to Earth after their planet became uninhabitable due to a lack of water. They rest on the faucets and act as a visual reminder to turn off the faucets when not in use.

The aim of the campaign is simple: to educate young Victorians that water is a precious resource and that everyone should save as much as possible.

Ultimately, this creates a moment in children’s homes that encourages action and water-saving behaviors.

Yarra Valley Water General Manager Pat McCafferty said it was great fun planning and executing the Water Watchers campaign, and Yarra Valley Water is delighted that it has been recognized by Mumbrella as a meaningful sustainability campaign. and important.

“We wanted to let our customers know that water conservation can be a fun and memorable experience, and I’m confident we’ve achieved that,” McCafferty said.

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the campaign, which is a credit to our team at Yarra Valley Water.”

The campaign supports the Victorian Government’s Target 155 campaign, which encourages Melburnians to reduce their average daily individual water consumption by 159 to 155 liters per day.

The Water Watchers program has expanded further, reaching schools in the Yarra Valley service area through a free educational incursion program.

The 2022 Mumbrella Awards will take place on August 4, 2022.


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