WETHRIVV® Launches Campaign to Empower Hair Loss Sufferers


DOYLESTOWN, Pa., September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hair loss can be a lonely and isolating process. At WETHRIVV®, we understand how important hair can be for image, confidence and self-perception. Many men and women are led to believe that hair loss is an inevitable part of their journey, but it is not.

Hair loss is more important than thinning and baldness. REVIVV’s drug-free serum can stop hair loss with twice-daily applications to thinning spots. Hair loss sufferers will blame themselves or their genes for hurting their self-esteem. But this is not necessary because new scientific breakthroughs promote change. Scientists now recognize that losing touch with NATURE is linked to your hair loss, and that the solution is to “go natural again”. The power of natural, drug-free therapies is fully recognized in the new paradigm.

As a holistic and alternative medicine professional, I care about what is happening to my body. It is important that the products I use are clean and drug free.

– Thuy, holistic and alternative medicine professional, talking about her use of REVIVV

The REVIVV team has unveiled a new video addressing the problem of hair loss and its real effects on the human mind. The video raises awareness of how hair loss can affect an individual’s identity, cultural significance, and how hair can affect confidence. The video was developed by Creative Klick Agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The videographer and editor said this about the video,

“As someone who has suffered from hair loss, I took this project personally. It was remarkable to me how hair loss is something that makes us feel separated from society, but in reality, it’s what unites us. My goal for this video was to bridge that gap and normalize the conversation around hair loss.”

Jaquie Fischercreative director

About the company:

WETHRIVV® LLC is methodically creating a portfolio of professional and consumer products that are poised to improve customer experience and satisfaction in the facial aesthetics and hair growth markets.

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