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Want to let everyone who sees you know about your support for marijuana reform?

Put on a cap. Wear a t-shirt.

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws launched a “Yes on the 27th” Online Store to raise money for his campaign to pass Measure 27, the ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in South Dakota in 2022, on Election Day in November.

Our supporters have been eagerly awaiting the online store and we are very happy to launch it. We’re starting with just two hats, but we’ll be adding more items very soon, including t-shirts and stickers.

The campaign is launching its store with two “trucker hats” in black and olive that will be offered as a thank you for a $30 donation to the campaign.

The goal is to provide additional motivation for the small donations we need to fund this campaign and pass Measure 27 on November 8th.

Over the past few weeks, the Yes on 27 campaign has focused on reactivating volunteers and establishing a statewide field operation. The campaign began distributing lawn signs to individuals and businesses after receiving more than 700 requests. The campaign also hopes to stage one of the largest voter registration drives in South Dakota this fall.

“We’ve had a busy and successful year so far after defending Measure 26 in Pierre, completing the Measure 27 signing campaign and then helping defeat Amendment C in June, but we need to keep the momentum going. until the finish line on Nov. 8,” said Quincy Hanzen, deputy campaign manager for the Yes on 27 campaign. want to get involved or just have a question about voter registration, call or text our Campaign Helpline at 605-269-8552.

With the help of allies, volunteers, donors and supporters, South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws has been very effective in reforming South Dakota’s cannabis laws and championing the ballot initiative process since its formation. in the fall of 2019.

In 2020, we spearheaded the country which passed Amendment A (legalization of cannabis for adults) and launched Measure 26 (legalization of medical cannabis) on Election Day.

Following our historic victory, we played a leading role in grassroots legislative lobbying campaigns in 2021 and 2022 that defended initiated Measure 26 from attack by politicians.

In the fall of 2021, the South Dakota Supreme Court Repealed Amendment A in a deeply flawed and unjust decision. Since then, we have been working to restore the will of the people by legalizing cannabis for a second time.

From October 2021 to May 2022, we ran the signature campaign that successfully qualified a cannabis legalization initiative – now known as Initiated Measure 27 – for the Election of November 8.

After that, we joined a coalition of groups campaigning against Amendment C, which was massively defeated 67% to 33% in the South Dakota primary election on June 7. Amendment C was a sneak attack on the initiative process by Pierre’s politicians and posed a potential legal threat to Measure 27.

Now, our full focus is on passing Measure 27 by a wide margin on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.

Matthew Schweich is campaign director for the Oui le 27 campaign and deputy director of the Proposed Marijuana Policy.


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